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Diploma in Management with a Concentration in International Business (Program suspended.)


This program has been suspended and is currently closed for admission. To explore alternative programs available to you at this time, please contact or call 514-398-6200.

Program as of Fall 2018.

In today's marketplace, borders are no longer a barrier to trade. Indeed, the most successful corporations operate in global markets. Companies must therefore develop an understanding of how cultural differences, business etiquette, and political and social differences affect how business is conducted. These developments have in turn led to increased demand for international business education and for credentials that are recognized and valued around the world. This program is designed so as to enable students to learn how to conduct business with and in other countries whose local practices may differ markedly from domestic practices. Students will also study global marketing, financial and managerial accounting, pricing and channels of distribution, international business relations, key factors to consider when entering foreign markets, and communication practices for developing optimal business strategies. Additional topics covered include Canadian import, export, and customs regulations, and venture growth strategies and business in Asian and other emerging markets.

The schedule is tentative and subject to change.


Number Title Prerequisites Available Times
Winter 2023 Spring/Summer 2023 Fall 2023 Winter 2024
CO-REQUISITE (This course must be taken at the beginning of the program):
CMS2 500 Mathematics for Management CMSC 000 (or the Exemption by Examination) WED
8 REQUIRED Courses:
CMR2 542 Marketing Principles and Applications TUE
CMS2 521 Applied Management Statistics CMS2 500 (or the Exemption by Examination) WED
CPL2 524 Introduction to International Business Core Program
CMR2 566 Global Marketing Management CMR2 542 and (CMR2 548 or CMS2 521) THU
CPL2 554 International Business Policy CPL2 524 TUE
CEC2 532 Business Economics TUE
CACC 520 Accounting for Management Co-requisite: CMS2 500 (or the Exemption by Examination) THU
CPL2 530 Canadian Import, Export and Customs Regulations
CEN2 507 Venture Growth Strategies
CGM2 510 Project Management: Tools and Techniques Not open to Special Students MON
CMIS 541 Information Systems for Managers SAT
CORG 551 Behaviour in Organizations WED
CPL2 534 Leading in Diverse and Global Workplaces TUE/THU
CPL2 535 Business in Emerging and Asian Markets
CPL2 590 Topics in International Business CPL2 524
CCTR 535 Introduction to Language Technologies WED