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_Diploma in Management with a Concentration in International Business (Admissions no longer accepted.Program Prior to Fall 2018)


In today's marketplace, borders are no longer a barrier to trade and the successful corporation operates on a global playing field. If you need an understanding of issues such as international finance and international business relations, how international marketing works and Canada-U.S. business relations, this specialization will enhance your career.


Number Title Prerequisites Available Times
Fall 2023 Winter 2024 Spring/Summer 2024 Fall 2024
CMS2 500 Mathematics for Management CMSC 000 (or the Exemption by Examination) WED
CEC2 532 Business Economics
7 REQUIRED COURSES (27 credits)
CACC 520 Accounting for Management Co-requisite: CMS2 500 (or the Exemption by Examination)
CFIN 512 Corporate Finance Pre-requisite: (CACC 520 or CACC 521) and Co-requisite: CMS2 521
CFIN 540 Introduction to International Finance CFIN 512
CMR2 542 Marketing Principles and Applications
CMS2 521 Applied Management Statistics CMS2 500 (or the Exemption by Examination)
CORG 551 Behaviour in Organizations
CPL2 524 Introduction to International Business Core Program
6 credits from:
CMR2 566 Global Marketing Management CMR2 542 and (CMR2 548 or CMS2 521)
CPL2 554 International Business Policy CPL2 524
CPL2 561 North America and the Global Economy CPL2 524
3 credits from:
CCLW 511 Law 1
CGM2 510 Project Management: Tools and Techniques Not open to Special Students
CMIS 541 Information Systems for Managers
CPL2 510 Communication and Networking Skills
CPL2 552 Strategic Management Advanced Student
CPL2 553 Small Business Management CACC 520 and CMR2 542
CPL2 590 Topics in International Business CPL2 524
Or any other 500- or 600-level course offered and approved by Career and Professional Development.